About Me

About Me

As seen on my home page illustration these were great influences to me in music and on a personal level. Each one of them had a strong message in life and stood for causes that were not always popular. Not only were they ahead of their time but they raise the conscience levels of many. I am looking forward to sharing more with you when we meet and play some great music for you too.

Joseph Francisco Torres

Louie Moon – Classic Rock, Light R&B
Ron Matthews – Jazz, Funk & R&B
Bobby C – Latin Jazz, Dinner Jazz
Simon Russell – Jazz, Gospel Soul
Mark Waterford – World Jazz, Soft Latin Jazz
Jerry Garcia – Top Forty, Old School

Shaka – Classic Old School Hits & Hawaiian Soul


For future bookings or special events feel free to contact me.
Email: faseto2005@yahoo.com
Phone: (925) 321-2023